Achieving The Most Trusted Company, Rahmad Pribadi Ensures Pupuk Kaltim To Apply GCG Consistently

17 December 2020

Pupuk Kaltim won the Most Trusted Company award at the 2020 Indonesia Most Trusted Company event and it became the highest award at the event. This award was an appreciation of Pupuk Kaltim's commitment to consistently implement Good Corporate Governance (GCG) practices based on the Corporate Governance Perception Index (CGPI) in ensuring the sustainability of the Company's business. The award was received by the President Director of Pupuk Kaltim Rahmad Pribadi from the Chairman of IICG Gendut Suprayitno, accompanied by the Chief Editor of SWA Kemal E. Gani, at the Shangri-la Hotel Jakarta, on Thursday (17/12).

Rahmad Pribadi said that this award is a commitment and result of hard work from the top management to all employees who consistently put the GCG policy as one of the Company's sustainability strategies. These efforts are the focus of Pupuk Kaltim's attention so that the implementation of strategies and policies in building competitive advantage based on GCG principles can be implemented better. "This award is a motivation for us to always implement all aspects of GCG in the Company's business processes," said Rahmad Pribadi.

Rahmad added that in order to measure the implementation of corporate governance in accordance with the principles of GCG, Pupuk Kaltim has conducted evaluation and assessment of the CGPI since 2018 as a follow-up effort to improve strategies and policies for more optimal management of the Company, especially by overseeing the strategies and policies related to building a competitive advantage within the GCG framework. "Pupuk Kaltim continues to strive to implement innovations in business models, business processes and socio-environment that are in line with the principles of GCG," said Rahmad Pribadi.

Changes in corporate governance are also viewed from various aspects, such as technology, products, markets, system management, compliance aspects through financial reports, human resources, and other input factors in strengthening the Company's business strategy. "Through a number of strategies and policies, Pupuk Kaltim continues to consistently optimize corporate governance in line with the principles of GCG. This is an integral part of the development of the business model that is carried out by the Company, "added Rahmad.

The Indonesia Most Trusted Company 2020 is part of the Indonesia Good Corporate Governance Award, as an appreciation to companies that are considered consistent in implementing GCG governance which focuses on three aspects, including structure, process and governance which continues to increase from year to year. This award event was the result of collaboration between the Indonesian Institute for Corporate Governance (IICG) and SWA Magazine. (* / nav)






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