Better Living in Malahing

Malahing is a village in the middle of the sea in the city of Bontang which inhabited 50 heads of family, as well as the majority community Malahing doing activities as seaweed farmers and the majority Malahing community are vulnerable communities under the line Poverty so that the company sees the condition of people in Malahing need to get more attention in terms of economic progress, social and environment.

Starting from 2005 the company established Elementary school, place of worship and Posyandu for the community around the company so that in the year 2013 community there has begun to have rapid progress with some developments such as society formed Interfacing social entities to grow together, positive social togetherness takes place in Malahing to help individuals build themselves better because of caring, teaching ways to share, giving and accepting each other, The formation of 3 groups of seaweed cultivation (Sipatuo 1, Sipatuo 2 and Aram Jaya) and formed the Joint business group processed seaweed “success Mandiri” by the mothers, and a new business group of empowerment of the net plug the Nets Siranrang.

So that the impact of the Program provided by the company makes the citizens of Malahing now more advanced, more beautiful environment and economic aspects of increasing the income of farmers of seaweed and open new employment, social aspects of improved skills Aquaculture and dairy farming and togetherness in group organizations as well as environmental aspects to maintain marine and coastal ecosystems.

Business Incubator Permata Bunda

Permata Bunda Business Incubator is an application for students ‘ entrepreneurial skills and SLB Alumni in Bontang City and aims to prepare the skills and proficiency of the persons of Disability or in this case, children with special needs (ABK) Can be done in the future. This comes from the issue that has been described, namely the lack of absorption of ABK labor, and the main social issues that are found in the context of ABK in the post-school period, the social acceptance of the environment. The beneficiaries of the business incubator program in 2018 were 1274 children with special needs (ABK) and non ABK.

Students and Alumni who are incorporated in the business incubator Permata Bunda not only taught entrepreneurial skills in the form of simulation but more than that, the practice approach Rill entrepreneurial is done in the business incubator of Permata Bunda. Permata Bunda Business incubator focuses on a program called the Sustainable Entrepreneurship Program for Disability or the sustainable entrepreneurship Program for those with disabilities. The focus of the program that is carried out in Permata Bunda business incubator is training, entrepreneurship, work placement, and entrepreneurial mentoring. Each participant of the program will follow the entire process in four phases thoroughly and continuously.

Business Incubator SLB Permata Bunda is expected to be a means for the preparation of self-reliance and job opening for ABK Kota Bontang. With continued expectation, that in the future will be born new ABK entrepreneurs, and able to participate in the empowerment of its environment, including educating and empowering other ABK to be independent together. Permata Bunda Business Incubator has 5 (five) business lines that actively produce continuously. The entire line of business was triggered and executed based on the orientation of market needs and the mapping capabilities of members and employees of Permata Bunda business incubator. Business lines as mentioned include #pola (Interior occupancy, Wallpaper, and other home decors), Bota Project, (organizer of training, seminars, courses, and Event Organizer), Zing Moto Wash (motorcycle and car wash), Jaici (Handicraft and Digital Printing) and OmAdut Clothing (Big size T-shirt, Screen Printing & Digital).

Of the fifth line of business, Permata Bunda Business Incubator continues to strive to run its important role for ABK's independence by continuing to make best efforts including community involvement and other stakeholders in the program. Hopefully, in the future, the community no longer sees the ABK or people with limited disabilities will lack its physical and mental, but more to its work and productivity. Gradually, the process that is run through the Sustainable Entrepreneurship Program for Disability of Permata Bunda business incubator can help the ABK to have the appropriate skills, income for the sustainability of his life, the container Productivity and work and of course future independent skills

Green Village of Guntung

Green Village of Guntung is an area that was in the bufferzone company used to have arid scenery, dry, dirty. Now it looks beautiful seen through the activities of family Medicinal Garden (TOGA) which is built by PT Pupuk Kaltim (PKT). Since the year 2014 a beautiful atmosphere, full of lush trees, and a variety of family medicinal plants are there until it becomes a strategic business opportunity.

Suwaji as a Local Hero is one of the influential figures behind this Guntung Berseri. Since being the chairman of RT 06 Green village of Guntung and coincided with World Environment Day on 16 June 2013, with guidance from the construction of PKT established Toga Enggang Herbal House (RTEH) with the activity Centre in his house consisting of mothers PKK, The House group, accompanied by local NGOS. Through the togetherness of Toga House, this group has been able to present various innovations. The empowerment process is assisted by PKT to bring innovations from the construction of crop cultivation, product technology training, online-based marketing, bookkeeping, packaging, and other human resource enhancement activities. In 2016, Suwaji started to develop business by opening Café Jamu Enggang Herbal located in RT; 6 and in Pujasera PKT Bontang. From this effort, the turnover in 2018 has reached Rp 64 million/group.

The sustainability of the program is increasingly radiant, where the house of Toga has become an educational area such as study visit activities for Elementary school students, SM, Senior High School, PKK mothers, corporate, and government guests. No wonder, in the year 2016 Enggang Herbal Guntung village was successfully crowned as the first champion of Kaltim province and got the national Scale Award from the Ministry of Health as the champion of Hope 1 in the "drug Utilization of medicine" category urban. In 2018 received another national award as Champion 3 in CSR Awards competition category Cipta Karsa Mandiri by Indonesia CSR Magazine and Meprindo Communications category “Cipta Karsa Mandiri” and get Platinum in the International Sustainable Development Award (ISDA).

In the Year 2018 Enggang Herbal make replication in RT: 11 villages in Loktuan with the group name Ma’rifah Herbal with the chairman of Asma, there is also replication in the Kindergarten school, Elementary school, Junior High School, SD Yabis, SMPN2, and central Berbas village. For the two groups in the year 2018, the title of 1st place (Enggang Herbal Group) and Champion 2 (group Ma’rifah Herbal) level city, which will continue to participate in the race to the provincial level also national in the Toga race. “The development of the activity of the cultivation of family-made medicinal garden in this group is not separated from the concern of PT Pupuk Kaltim, from the beginning we built how to map the problem, until how to innovate the product,” said Suwaji chairman Enggang Herbal Group and BU Asthma Chairman Group Ma’rifah Herb./p>

Partnership & Community Development Program