Pupuk Kaltim CSR programs that are aimed at community development are designed to create independence both economically, socially and in the management of the surrounding environment.

Community Empowerment in Coastal Areas

Bontang is a city that 70% of its area is marine waters and 30% mainland. Being located on the shore of Bontang City, Pupuk Kaltim is aimed at giving positive impacts for the society and the environment, especially the coastal areas. Through the Coastal Community Empowerment Program, Pupuk Kaltim proclaimed two Corporate Superior CSR Programs namely "Better Living in Malahing" Program and Floating Net Keramba Program (KJA).

A. “Better Living in Malahing”

A village above the sea of Bontang City, which previously lacked appeal and was difficult to access, now has its own charm and become an interesting place to live since it has better social and economic life for the local community.

Aerial View of Malahing VillageCounseling of Clean Healthy Behavior (PHBS) to Malahing Village Community

Aid for Cultivation of Plugged-In KerambaGreening Program of Malahing Village

B. Floating Net Keramba Program

The presence of companies in coastal areas is expected to have a positive impact on coastal communities. Keramba Floating Net Program is expected to open employment opportunities and increase local economic growth. Through 10 Bontang Fishermen Group, the Company has supported the creation of 15 plots of Keramba Floating Net. The number of seedlings that have been stocked up to September 2017 are ±10,000 of grouper seedlings and ±300 of Lobster seedlings.

Business Incubator (Sustainable Entrepreneurship Program for Disability)

Business Incubator is a breakthrough program that continues to be developed in an effort to improve the quality of life as well as the level of community acceptance of Children with Special Needs (ABK), through entrepreneurial incubation program.

Guntung Green and Prosperous Village Program

Kelurahan Guntung is one of the areas located in Ring 1 (bufferzone) Pupuk Kaltim. Formerly, the condition of Kelurahan Guntung looks unorganized and seems dry due to the lack of green plants. Therefore, through community empowerment activities, Pupuk Kaltim established the Family Medicinal Herb Development (TOGA) Program and Community Based Compost.

Inauguration of CSR Program of Kelurahan Guntung by Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors of Pupuk Kaltim witnessed by Lurah Guntung

Program Tanaman Obat Keluarga (TOGA) “Enggang Herbal”

Family Medicinal Herb Development (TOGA) Program “Enggang Herbal”

capacity building

Pupuk Kaltim CSR program which aims to increase the capacity of knowledge both formally (through scholarships, formal education assistance, etc.), as well as non-formal (via community training).

Seaweed Cultivation Training

Training and Seedling of Mangrove in Loktuan Village


Included in this category is the Pupuk Kaltim CSR program that aims to respond to the needs of the surrounding community of the Company for the urgent facilities and infrastructure for the sustainability of the surrounding community.

1. Construction of Pupuk Raya Road

2. Construction of the Gates in Kampung Hijau Guntung and Loktuan
This aid is not solely as the embodiment of corporate social responsibility, but also as a form of Pupuk Kaltim's gratitude to the Bontang community, especially the residents of Kelurahan Guntung and Loktuan as the nearest neighbor of the Company which has been supportive by creating conducive environment beneficial for the Company’s operations.

3. Clean Water and Electricity Aid in Guntung and Loktuan Village
This aid aims at providing clean water and electricity in Guntung and Loktuan Village.

4. Construction of Lighthouse Library in Loktuan and Smart Motor  
This aid aims to improve the facilities and infrastructure of the library, to allow children and parents to enjoy reading hence the smart village concept can be realized.

5. Aid for House of Worship
Aid for House of Worship was given to Al Hijrah Mosque, Guntung and Loktuan Church, Buana Agung Temple, etc. Aid for House of Worship is a form of Pupuk Kaltim attention to improve the faith of the citizens as well as in order to make the house of worship as a comfortable place for the people to carry out their respective worship.

Moreover, Pupuk Kaltim also held Safari Ramadhan. Safari Ramadhan aims to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood for residents around the company, especially Muslims in an atmosphere of togetherness and affection.

6. Construction of Health Clinic for The Underprivileged in Loktuan
Dhuafa Health Clinic which is a collaboration of Pupuk Kaltim, Baitul Maal and the Hospital Foundation provides health services for underprivileged people, especially for those who do not have BPJS, Jamkesos and do not not have access to any free treatment program from the City Government.

7. Educational Facilities and Infrastructure (School Workshop Building, Classroom Building, etc.)
Pupuk Kaltim provides facilities and infrastructure to the people of Bontang City in various fields, such as education, health, sports, religious, and partners, as well as to partners who are mostly small traders, fishermen and farmers.


Pupuk Kaltim CSR Program that aims to meet the needs of surrounding communities by directly distribute aid fund or other forms of aid.

1. Distribution of Basic Necessities
This activity the manifestation of Company's concern to Bontang community who live around the Company. The goal is to help and lighten the burden of underprivileged people in Bontang City to meet the basic needs in the month of Ramadan and before Idul Fitri.

2. Natural Disaster Aid
The aid represents Pupuk Kaltim’s care for the victim of natural disasters, such as Fire, Flood, Mountain Eruption, and so on.

Isi Konten

Isi Konten

Partnership & Community Development Program

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