• Pupuk Kaltim Primary Exports Ammonia CFR Synergizes with Pupuk Indonesia Logistik

    Pupuk Kaltim exports the Company's production of ammonia to the Port of Isabel, Leyte, Philippines, by using the MT Salmon Mustafa ship, which is the largest ammonia transport vessel owned by Pupuk Indonesia Logistik (Pilog). The ship was released by the Commercial Director of Pupuk Kaltim Gatoet Gembiro Noegroho, together with Pilog President Director Budi Asikin on Monday (6/22).

  • Muslim Taklim Assembly of Baiturrahman Foundation Inaugurates Mosque Facility and Infrastructure Construction

    Baiturrahman Muslim Foundation Assembly (MTMY) built community support facilities at the Al-Ikhlas Sidrap Mosque and the Al-Misbah Tont Bontang Kuala TPA. For the Al-Ikhlas Sidrap Mosque, the buildings that are inaugurated are bathrooms, ablutions, kitchens, terraces and tool storage sheds. As for the Al-Misbah Bontang Kuala TPA, the buildings that have been inaugurated are 7 renovated classrooms.

  • Pupuk Kaltim Distributes Grocery Packages for the Bontang Community

    Pupuk Kaltim once again distributed thousands of food packages to the people affected by Covid-19 in 15 Sub-districts throughout the City of Bontang, received symbolically by the Headmans at the Pupuk Kaltim Sport Hall on Friday (19/6). Each package contains 10 kg of rice, 1 box of instant noodles containing 40 packs, 2 liters of cooking oil and 1 kg of sugar, with a total aid of IDR 2.2 billion. Assistance comes from employee voluntary donations through a deduction of THR worth IDR 1 Billion, as well as an allocation of THR for the Directors and Commissioners of Pupuk Kaltim worth IDR 1.2 Billion.

  • Submission of PPE Relief to PMI, RSIB Yabis and Pos 7 Church

    Entering the new normalcy order (new normal), Pupuk Kaltim again distributed Covid-19 anticipation assistance to various parties, in order to reduce the spread of the virus in the community. Three locations were directly targeted by Pupuk Kaltim, including the Church of St. Peter in the Pos 7 region of Loktuan Village, RSIB Yabis, and the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) of Bontang City.

  • Eid Al-Fitr Gathering 1441 H, Pupuk Kaltim Holds a Halal Bihalal Virtually

    Although unable to meet and directly face to face, it does not preclude the intentions of Pupuk Kaltim people exchanging greetings to improve friendship with the extended family of the Company, on the momentum of Eid al-Fitr 1441 H. This could be seen through a series of Halal Bihalal held by Pupuk Kaltim virtually on May 25, 2020

  • WFH and Eid in Pupuk Kaltim Board of Directors’ style, starting from becoming Prayer’s Imam until Making Album

    Virtual Halal Bihalal, which was held by Pupuk Kaltim at the momentum of Eid al-Fitr 1441 H, was not only an event of mutual greetings and forgiveness between all Company people. The Board of Directors along with the Board of Commissioners and Pupuk Kaltim employees utilized that moment to share their experiences of Work from Home (WFH) until Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr at home according to the Government’s recommendation.

  • Sambut Idul Fitri, Direksi Bersama Dewan Komisaris dan Karyawan Pupuk Kaltim Salurkan Donasi Rp2,2 Miliar Untuk Sembako Masyarakat Bontang Terdampak Covid-19
  • Tekan Penyebaran Covid-19, Pupuk Kaltim Salurkan Wastafel Portable di 5 Lokasi Strategis Kota Bontang

    Pupuk Kaltim secara bertahap menyalurkan 5 unit wastafel portabel lengkap dengan tandon dan sabun cuci tangan, dalam mendukung penanganan dan antisipasi Covid-19 di Kota Bontang. Bantuan tersebar di berbagai lokasi strategis, dengan prioritas area pelayanan masyarakat, di antaranya Dinas Kependudukan dan Pencatatan Sipil (Disdukcapil) Bontang, diserahkan Manager CSR Pupuk Kaltim Fakhri Husaini, kepada Sekretaris Disdukcapil Bontang Masliah, Rabu (20/5) pagi. Bantuan ditambah 5 liter cairan hand sanitizer serta 2 boks masker kain isi 80 pcs.

  • Pupuk Kaltim Wins an Excellence Predicate at the HR Excellence Awards 2020 Event

    Pupuk Kaltim won the title of Excellence with an AA rating, at the HR Excellence Awards 2020 in the category of Learning and Development Strategy and HR Transformation, organized by the Management Institute of the Faculty of Economics & Business, University of Indonesia (LMFEBUI) and SWA magazine. This achievement sees the journey of the Company's business transformation which closely with the world of modern management, especially in the 4.0 industrial era which is implemented through a number of strategies in increasing the company's competitiveness in the global arena.

  • Pupuk Kaltim Bantu Vitamin dan Masker Untuk Ibu Hamil di Sekitar Perusahaan

    Pupuk Kaltim menyalurkan bantuan paket vitamin dan Alat Pelindung Diri (APD) bagi ibu hamil di sekitar Perusahaan, terdiri dari 53 paket di Kelurahan Guntung dan Sidrap, serta 159 paket di Kelurahan Loktuan. Bantuan diterima secara simbolis oleh para Lurah di Hotel Grand Equator pada Selasa (12/5) pagi.

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