Bolmong Farmers are Happy, Potato Harvest Multiplied after Using NPK Pelangi

22 August 2020

PASSI TIMUR - Pupuk Kaltim's products are able to increase crop production many times. Serfin Repi, a farmer from Bolaang Mongondow Regency, North Sulawesi, felt the benefits of using NPK Pelangi and Ecofert bio-fertilizers.


Serfin is a potato farmer who begins to regularly use NPK Pelangi fertilizer at the beginning of the planting season this year. He combines NPK Pelangi fertilizer and Ecofert bio-fertilizers which are applied before planting. "Before using NPK Pelangi and Ecofert, the yields were only around 150 sacks per hectare. After using NPK Pelangi and Ecofert, the harvest can reach around 200 sacks, even 300 sacks per hectare,”he said, Monday (27/7/2020).


Ecofert is usually used by farmers before starting planting on land that has been loosened or tilled. Meanwhile, NPK Pelangi is used during the planting period so that it affects productivity. Both fertilizers are produced by Pupuk Kaltim which is specifically for agricultural or horticultural crops to further increase farmers' yields.


“For now, I have 10 hectares of land for potato crops. In a year, I usually harvest 3 times and it really affects my harvest after using NPK Pelangi and Ecofert, ”he said.


Assistant Account Executive (AAE) Pupuk Kaltim Bolaang Mongondow region, Kevin Andre Sepang, said that the use of NPK Pelangi fertilizer on potato commodities also warded off farmers' doubts in using the non-subsidized product from Pupuk Kaltim. Although the price is higher than subsidized fertilizers, the usage is much more efficient with maximum yields. "Farmers have directly proven the superiority of NPK Pelangi and the yields are increasing than usual," he said.


On the same occasion, Serfin also received a prize as winner of a farmer photo competition organized by Pupuk Kaltim. Kevin hopes that this competition can spur the enthusiasm of farmers to increase the productivity of their land and crops. "This is also a form of our appreciation to farmers who use NPK Pelangi fertilizer in Sulawesi," he said.


Beside Serfin, another winner in Sulawesi was Mordekhay Pitoy from Tomohon as the 2nd winner. As the first winner, Serfin received a prize of 5 million rupiahs in cash, and the second winner got 2 million rupiahs. The other 4 winners were from Tomohon, Sangihe Islands, and from Bitung.


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