Empowering the Local Youth of Loktuan, Pupuk Kaltim Initiates Integrated Chicken Livestock Business

27 August 2020

Empowering the surrounding community through an integrated business unit, Pupuk Kaltim initiated the Loktuan Youth Empowerment Program through Integrated Chicken Livestock (Manubakka Group), North Bontang District. Such business that has been running since the end of 2019 has main products namely premium roosters. Coaching such business sector is considered to be of high potential, considering the high demand and needs for chicken in the Bontang market. In addition, good feed management and chicken processing as well as maintenance of hygiene produce quality chicken meat. "This coaching is not only on capital, but also on trainings, assistance, improvement of production facilities and infrastructure, with future targets for business line development," said Kurniawan Wicaksana, Community Development Officer of CSR Department of Pupuk Kaltim.


He explained that the name Manubakka symbolizes courage, straightforwardness, leadership, as well as a spirit of being able to play a role and provide the best contribution. This spirit is expected to grow and develop in Loktuan youth so as to contribute to the society through the business sector being carried out. The integrated coaching program is aimed at producing independent Loktuan youth and creating wider job opportunities for the surrounding community. This is an effort performed by Pupuk Kaltim in reducing unemployment rate, as well as promoting the welfare of the community around the Company.


Since the beginning, the coaching has provided infrastructure aids in the form of chicken coops and other supporting facilities, and hundreds of chicks are provided as well. Then the assistance is carried out, including various technical trainings such as trainings on the development of chicken farming, chicken slaughtering, cleaning until packaging as a product, calculating the Cost of Goods Sold (HPP), and methods of marketing and packaging. "Pupuk Kaltim also provides various aids such as livestock supporting equipment so that the business can be carried out more optimally," added Kurniawan.


Business integration is intended for the development of a business line being carried out, by targeting a number of new sectors and opportunities, among others are the cultivation of Black Soldier Fly (BSF) for chicken food, processing chicken poop into manure and so on. Meanwhile, for the development of the main business, a semi-permanent chicken slaughtering facility will be built which can also be used for cleaning and packaging the chicken. "Assistance and trainings are carried out on an ongoing basis so that the business development is supported by the qualified skills of the assisted youth," explained Kurniawan.


Not until a year, the Manubakka chicken livestock succeeded in carrying out 3 times harvesting and the 4th harvest will be in the near future with the total production that continues to increase. "Pupuk Kaltim hopes that through this coaching, the local youth will be more empowered and contribute more to the surrounding community," he said.


Deputy Chairperson of the United Loktuan Youth Association (IPLB), Himawan Privat, expressed his appreciation and gratitude for the steps taken by Pupuk Kaltim to empower Loktuan youth through the chicken livestock Manubakka. According to him, this coaching program was able to boost the productivity of the community with significant results. It was proven that during 3 times harvests, Manubakka chicken livestock was able to breed 1,300 - 1,500 chickens.


He hoped that the coaching program of Pupuk Kaltim could be carried out in a sustainable manner so that the empowerment of youth in Loktuan Village could be more independent through the business sector being carried out. "Thanks to Pupuk Kaltim, may the coaching carried out in the future involve more local youth of Loktuan ," said Himawan. (* / ram / nav)


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