Encouraging the Optimization of Health Protocols, Pupuk Kaltim Distributes Personal Protective Equipment (APD) for Pupuk Kaltim Foundation (YPK) and Kanaan Church

29 July 2020

Following up on the anticipation of the spread of Covid-19 during the new normal, Pupuk Kaltim distributed Personal Protective Equipment (APD) anymore to support the society activities. This time, it was distributed to Pupuk Kaltim Foundation (YPK) and the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Kanaan, West Bontang. Assistance was received by each representative at Grand Equator Hotel on Tuesday (28/7).


For YPK, Pupuk Kaltim distributed 13 units of sinks, 8 units of thermo gun, 100 liters of disinfectant liquid, 13 bottles of hand washing soap along with 143 refill packs, and 3 boxes of cloth masks containing 100 pcs. Meanwhile, Pupuk Kaltim distributed 100 pieces of cloth masks, 1 unit of thermo gun, and 5 liters of hand sanitizer for the Church.


The Superintendent of Regional Development of Pupuk Kaltim's CSR Department, Agus Hermanto, said that the assistance was part of Pupuk Kaltim's continued efforts to suppress the spread of Covid-19 in the new normal period in Bontang. This is to consider the start of normal society activities in various fields. "Pupuk Kaltim always pays attention to the health of Bontang community in a sustainable manner and the assistance that is distributed can be maximally utilized to anticipate the spread of Covid-19," said Agus Hermanto.


This assistance is expected to be able to support face-to-face teaching and learning activities at YPK when the government starts enforcing these rules. Likewise, for the Adventist Church congregation in Kanaan, they can maximize their worship with APD support for the church’s management and congregations. "We hope that both society activities and worship activities will return to normal by still referring to the health protocols," added Agus.


YPK Head of Academic Affairs, Suroto, appreciated Pupuk Kaltim's support through the assistance provided. He considered that this assistance was very important to anticipate the potential spread of Covid-19 in the school environment, especially when teaching and learning activities began to run normally. Although at-home learning methods were still being applied currently, however, his party is still preparing for a face-to-face learning system if the government re-applies the regulation. The completeness of APD from Pupuk Kaltim was very helpful. It made the activities of students at YPK continue to run optimally in the new normal period. "Before a face-to-face learning is re-implemented, we must first prepare devices for implementing health protocols, so that all potential viruses can be anticipated properly," said Suroto.


Representing the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Kanaan, Pastor Wahyu Indra, expressed his gratitude to Pupuk Kaltim for its contribution and concern towards the church congregation and the church management through the assistance given. According to him, APD such as masks or other equipment such as Thermo Guns and hand sanitizers were needed for congregational services because worship activities at the church had been running. "We really need this assistance for the services of the congregation in the church, so that the worship activities of the entire congregation can run well. We are thankful for Pupuk Kaltim's concern. Let's prevent the spread of Covid-19 and apply health protocols together, "said Pastor Wahyu Indra. (* / ram / nav)


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