Ensuring Medical Support, Rahmad Pribadi Cheers up Medical Fighters and Covid-19 Fighters of Pupuk Kaltim

08 September 2020

Providing moral support and spirit to fight together against Covid-19, President Director of Pupuk Kaltim Rahmad Pribadi, together with the Board of Directors and Company Management greeted the Covid-19 Fighters and Medical Fighters of Pupuk Kaltim Hospital. The activity took place virtually at the Rajawali Room of Pupuk Kaltim Head Office on 7 and 8 September 2020.


In the first place, Rahmad Pribadi greeted the patients later called as the Covid-19 Fighters, consisting of employees of Pupuk Kaltim and their families currently undergoing medical treatment or self-quarantine. The number one person at Pupuk Kaltim ensured that the handling and anticipation of Covid-19 in the Company's environment was always maximized, including the treatment for Covid-19 fighters so that they immediately recovered and returned to conduct normal activities.


Rahmad said that the Covid-19 fighters should not feel inferior since Covid-19 was not a disgrace. Moreover, the virus could be cured with disciplined care and implementation of health protocols. "You are not fighting alone, we are still together with you to recover. Pupuk Kaltim remains concerned with handling Covid-19 in the Company, "said Rahmad.


Rahmad said that Pupuk Kaltim had given influenza vaccines, which now reached 300 employees or 13% of the total target, as well as pneumonia vaccines for employees over 50 years of age in order to increase protection against potential illnesses due to decreased stamina and immunity. "We continuously pray for the Covid-19 fighters of Pupuk Kaltim to recover. Do not be pessimistic, stick to the whole procedures properly. Maintain immunity and stamina so that the body is not easily exposed to the virus," added Rahmad.

In addition, the Company has already performed more than 6,484 PCR tests, with an estimated number of Pupuk Kaltim members (employees and their families) of 15,000 people. Thus, the percentage of these tests is more than the percentage of tests conducted by 3 countries with the highest PCR test rates in the world (Israel, Russia, and USA). "This shows the readiness in handling Covid-19 performed by the Covid-19 Crisis Center Team of Pupuk Kaltim,” explained Rahmad. “Moreover, with the inauguration of the PCR Biomolecular laboratory at Pupuk Kaltim Hospital, the PCR test can be carried out quickly in large numbers. It is expected that this will accelerate the end of the Covid-19 spread,” said Rahmad.


During treatment and quarantine, Covid-19 fighters of Pupuk Kaltim are urged not to think about their daily work or responsibilities in the work unit so as to be able to focus on carrying out the treatment process until they are declared negative or recovered with a virus-free condition. This policy is a support from Pupuk Kaltim to employees and their families who are currently struggling as well as appreciation for the dedication performed by Covid-19 fighters towards the advancement of the Company.


One of the Covid-19 fighters of Pupuk Kaltim appreciated the support and attention delivered by the Board of Directors and Company Management so that he and all other Covid-19 fighters who are now still on treatment remain optimistic to recover immediately and be freed from the virus. Even though his self-confidence had once dropped after being confirmed positive, he regained his spirit with the support and attention he received during the quarantine period for the last 34 days,. "I really appreciate the support and attention delivered by the Board of Directors and the Management of Pupuk Kaltim so that we remain keeping up our spirit to fight against Covid-19," he said.


When greeting health workers later referred to as Medical Fighters at Pupuk Kaltim Hospital, Rahmad confirmed the Company's full support for optimizing the handling of Covid-19 patients as well as opening  up opportunities for further support to improve the capacity of Pupuk Kaltim Hospital such as the additional medical personnel with special competency in handling ICU patients, the improvement of medical facilities, PPE, and a safe house for medical fighters as a means of anticipating the virus spread after work prior to getting together with families at home. "Pupuk Kaltim Hospital is the front guard in handling Covid-19 and Pupuk Kaltim fully supports the entire curative efforts made so that we can go through this difficult time together," said Rahmad.


President Director of Pupuk Kaltim Hospital Nurul Fathoni expressed his gratitude for the supports provided by the Board of Directors together with the Management of Pupuk Kaltim all this time. He considered that other support opportunities continuously opened by Pupuk Kaltim to increase the hospital capacity was a form of the Company's seriousness in handling Covid-19 that he would immediately follow-up. "This encourages our spirit to improve our performance to the maximum. Hopefully, with the support of the Board of Directors and Management of Pupuk Kaltim, we can overcome Covid-19 together," said Nurul Fathoni. (* / nav)


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