Improving the Synergy to Build Bontang, Rahmad Pribadi Ensures That Pupuk Kaltim Continues to Contribute to Bontang

07 September 2020

In order to improve synergy and cooperation, the Board of Directors of Pupuk Kaltim held a gathering with Forkompimda Bontang at the Mayor’s Hall of Home on Monday evening (7/9). This activity was also carried out as an introduction to the Board of Directors of Pupuk Kaltim currently led by President Director Rahmad Pribadi with the Director of Operation and Production Hanggara Patrianta and the Director of Finance and General Affairs Qomaruzzaman. Rahmad said that this gathering would encourage and motivate the Board of Directors together with Pupuk Kaltim Management to continue working so as to be able to provide the best contribution to society, nation and state. Through active cooperation and synergy between the Company and the City Government of Bontang, the presence of Pupuk Kaltim will always support the economic growth and community welfare, especially in Bontang and East Kalimantan regions, as one of the development objectives through improving the quality of human resources. “For the Bontang City, Pupuk Kaltim continues to support the achievement of development for a prosperous society through active cooperation and synergy with the City Government of Bontang, “ said Rahmad.


On that occasion, Pupuk Kaltim also distributed equipment to anticipate Covid-19 to 15 villages in Bontang in the form of disinfection tools and personal protection equipment (PPE) and supplements. Each village received 5 sprays, 10 sets of PPE, 60 disinfectants, supplementary packets and so on, with a total aid of Rp. 390 million. This aid is a form of Pupuk Kaltim's contribution to the community. Seeing the pandemic condition that has immediate effect to all sectors of life, Pupuk Kaltim will do its utmost to help the City Government of Bontang to handle and anticipate the entire potential spread of Covid-19. "Each village is facilitated by 12-15 volunteers, adjusting the policies and schedules set by each village," said Rahmad.


Rahmad hoped that with the aid, the spread rate of Covid-19 could be maximally reduced since public facilities were areas vulnerable to the spread of the virus. With routine disinfection it was expected that there would be no more additional patients or new clusters of Covid-19 in Bontang. "Hopefully, with the active synergy and cooperation between the City Government of Bontang and Pupuk Kaltim, the potential of virus spread can be suppressed and Bontang are free from Covid-19," added Rahmad. Mayor Neni Moerniaeni welcomed positively all efforts and contributions of Pupuk Kaltim in assisting the City Government of Bontang, both in supporting the development of human resources and community welfare, including the handling and anticipation of Covid-19 which was carried out during this period. She considered that Pupuk Kaltim is a company that actively contributes to Bontang City, both through CSR and community empowerment programs. This also encourages the City Government to always do the best in terms of its policies so that development goals for a prosperous society can also be achieved as expected. "The City Government of Bontang also hopes that the synergy with Pupuk Kaltim is further improved and through the established cooperation the development goals for a prosperous and just society can be achieved," said Neni. (* / nav)


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