Increasing Agricultural Productivity, Pupuk Kaltim Holds Rice Demonstration Plots in Peladung Village, Bali

10 August 2020

Encouraging an increase of agricultural yields of the society, Pupuk Kaltim held a Demonstration Plot (Demplot) for rice commodities anymore in Peladung Village, Karangasem District, Karangasem Regency, Bali Province on Monday (10/8). The rice demonstration plot was carried out on an area of ​​0.5 hectares, in collaboration with the Subak Peladung Farmer Group, with a planting period of 90 days.


As explained by Pupuk Kaltim Assistant Account Executive (AAE) for marketing area in Bali, I Wayan Suarjana, besides encouraging the increased productivity of local agricultural products, the demonstration plot program was also an effort to prove the superiority of Pupuk Kaltim’s products, especially non-subsidized fertilizers. This was also aimed at farmers who previously depended on subsidized fertilizers to know the difference in yield and quality achieved during the harvest period.


This also refers to the experience of the previous demonstration plot which succeeded in increasing the agricultural productivity of the Balinese people on various commodities through a balanced fertilization pattern using non-subsidized and biological products from Pupuk Kaltim. The demonstration plot was carried out in 2 treatments; they were Pupuk Kaltim's balanced fertilization pattern compared with the farmers' habits. "The demonstration plot is conducted in order that farmers in Peladung Village can be well educated about the balanced fertilization pattern using Pupuk Kaltim products because other regions have already felt the benefits," explained Wayan Suarjana.


The current demonstration plot used Urea Daun Buah, NPK Pelangi and Ecofert biological products, with the composition and dosage adjusted for the type of commodity and the land area as well. Assistance is carried out regularly, involving the Karangasem Regional Government through the local Field Agricultural Extension (PPL).


Mentoring stage was carried out from the beginning of processing and preparation of the planting area, including selecting seeds properly. After planting, the mentoring was continued with a balanced fertilization pattern using Pupuk Kaltim products, as well as periodic evaluation until the harvest period. "So, during the demonstration plot period, farmers will get mentoring from Pupuk Kaltim together with PPL, especially for the application of a balanced fertilization pattern, besides land cultivation and seed selection," added Wayan.


He expected that this program could be accepted by the farmers in Peladung Village and could be implemented on an ongoing basis, considering that the implementation of demonstration plots in a number of areas of Bali Province had proven successful in increasing agricultural production capacity for various commodities by up to 30% for one harvest. Even if it is converted, the use of non-subsidized fertilizers for one planting period to harvest is much more efficient with a much higher yield than subsidized fertilizers. "The previous demonstration plot was successful for rice and cabbage commodities. It eventually motivated Peladung farmers to increase the crop yields. Hopefully the results are suitable and the quality of Pupuk Kaltim's products will not be doubted by the farmers,”concluded Wayan Suarjana. (* / ram / nav)


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