Increasing Covid-19 Alertness, Pupuk Kaltim Disinfects Citra Mas Market in Loktuan

13 August 2020

 Another effort by Pupuk Kaltim to anticipate the spread of Covid-19 in Bontang is through a comprehensive disinfection towards Citra Mas Market in Loktuan, starting from the parking area to the main market area, including shops and merchant stalls, on Thursday (13/8 ) afternoon. The disinfection was in collaboration with Pupuk Kaltim Hospital, supported by Loktuan Village, Cooperatives and Small & Medium Enterprise Office of Bontang, Community Empowerment Institutions, Youth Organizations, and Non-Governmental Organization in Loktuan Village.


Several officers were seen spraying disinfectant all over the market in detail. One by one, the stalls and merchant shops were sprayed, including the roads and buildings around Citra Mas market. "Spraying is carried out during the day so that trading activities in the market are not disturbed," said CSR Manager  of Pupuk Kaltim, Fakhri Husaini.


Fakhri explained that the implementation of this disinfection was an effort of Pupuk Kaltim to encourage the society’s alertness in doing their daily activities, considering that Pasar Citra Mas was the main location for daily-needs shopping activities. Therefore, further prevention efforts were needed to anticipate the potential spread of Covid-19 in location around the market. "Disinfection will be conducted every 2 weeks to reduce the potential virus spreading," added Fakhri.


This activity was also the first step prepared by Pupuk Kaltim for the society, related to buying and selling protocol that is currently being drafted by the company team, as a reference for implementing health protocols for both traders and visitors when they interact at Citra Mas Market. "The point is we want Bontang, especially the areas around the company, to be free from the potential spread of Covid-19. Therefore, we try to prepare buying and selling protocol in the market, as a reference for the society when they visit Citra Mas market, ”continued Fakhri.


Urban Village Head of Loktuan, M. Takwin, appreciated what Pupuk Kaltim had been doing, both by carrying out the disinfection and preparing the protocol of buying and selling. According to Takwin, it showed the company’s seriousness in handling Covid-19, and the society can also anticipate themselves from potential exposure to the virus when they interact in Citra Mas Market, Loktuan. "We strongly support Pupuk Kaltim's efforts to disinfect and prepare the protocol of buying and selling at Citra Mas Market, so that we can suppress the spread of Covid-19 together," said Takwin.


He expected that both this routine disinfection and the preparation of buying and selling protocol by Pupuk Kaltim can increase the society awareness in implementing new habits in accordance with health protocols to minimize all potential for the spread of Covid-19. "Hopefully this first step can increase the society awareness of potential for the spread of Covid-19, especially in Loktuan Village," concluded Takwin. (* / ram / nav)


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