“NPK Pelangi” Pupuk Kaltim Increases the Productivity of Cabbage for Bangli Farmers

27 July 2020

NPK Pelangi, one of Pupuk Klatim’s products, has been proven again to be able to increase production and quality of cociety agriculture through the first harvest of the independent cabbage demonstration plot (Demplot) in Songan A Village, Kintamani District, Bangli Regency, Bali Province, on Thursday (23 / 7).


The demonstration plot on an area of ​​0.04 hectare (ha) increased the yield of cabbage with a weight of 2.53 - 3 kg / cabbage, from 2.28 kg previously. The demonstration plot used a balanced fertilization pattern with NPK Pelangi composition of 16-16-16, with a planting period of 70 days.


Pupuk Kaltim Assistant Account Executive (AAE) in the Bangli region, Wayan Adiguna, said that the independent demonstration plot was initiated by Pupuk Kaltim through its Regional Marketing Office in Bali because the company saw the high enthusiasm of farmers for the quality of agricultural products after the previous trial of the garlic demonstration plot, the increase reached 30%. Trials are proposed for cabbage which is also one of the mainstay agricultural products in Bangli Regency.


The independent demonstration plot was applied to 2 treatments; Pupuk Kaltim balanced fertilization pattern and farmer fertilizer composition treatment. The results achieved from those treatments are; the circumference of the cabbage by Pupuk Kaltim demonstration plot was 69.3 cm on the average with a diameter of 19.4 cm and a height of 16 cm. however, the results of the demonstration plot by the farmers had an average circumference of 66.8 cm, with a diameter of 18.3 cm and a height of 14. 4 cm.

“After the demonstration plot on garlic was successful, it was then tested independently for cabbage. And, the results were also very satisfying, "said Wayan Adiguna


He also added that the demonstration plot of NPK Pelangi on cabbage at the same time warded off farmers' doubts about using non-subsidized products of Pupuk Kaltim because the results achieved showed an increase. Both the weight and the size of the plants are bigger than before. Although the price is higher than subsidized fertilizers, it is much more economical to use with maximum yields. “Farmers have directly proven the superiority of NPK Pelangi. The yields have increased than before, " Wayan Adiguna said.


I Wayan Artom, one of the local farmers, admitted that the quality of NPK Pelangi Pupuk Kaltim was able to increase plants productivity. He said that the nutritional need of plants was very important because they affected the results achieved and NPK Pelangi was able to meet these expectations. Although they would prioritize the production of onion commodities in the future, local farmers did not hesitate to use NPK Pelangi because the results tested had all been successful. In fact, some farmers had also placed orders for the needs of the planting season as wel as a number of other biological products of Pupuk Kaltim, such as Ecofert. "Pupuk Kaltim’s field team is also actively assisting, so that farmers are more assisted in the fertilization pattern and seed selection," said I Wayan Artom. (* / ram / nav)


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