Pressing the Number of Patients with Cataracts, UPZ Pupuk Kaltim Holds Free Surgery for Underprivileged Residents

31 August 2020

Caring for the community health by optimally distributing zakat, Pupuk Kaltim's Zakat Collection Unit (UPZ) was organizing a free cataract surgery for 30 underprivileged residents in Bontang with reference to the 8 asnaf category of zakat recipients. This activity was in collaboration with Pupuk Kaltim Hospital on Monday (31/8/2020). Secretary of UPZ Pupuk Kaltim Nendra Ariyanto said that the selection and registration of participants had been going on since July 2020 at the Dhuafa Health Clinic of Loktuan village. Of all prospective patients enrolled, verification was performed to ensure that they met the provisions of 8 asnaf. "Prospective patients are surveyed whether or not they meet the 8 asnaf. After that, their eyes are examined, "said Nendra. Chairman of UPZ Pupuk Kaltim Nur Sahid said that in addition to free eye surgery, other services were provided including preoperative cataract examination, followed by antigen swab test for patients and escorts to detect Covid-19 until the health control and check of patients after a one-month surgery, with a total budget of IDR 305 million. "Today we’re doing the first stage with the hope that the health of the underprivileged residents suffering from cataract can be restored," added Nur Sahid.


President Director of Pupuk Kaltim Rahmad Pribadi said that the free cataract surgery was one of UPZ Pupuk Kaltim's efforts to optimize the zakat distribution of Pupuk Kaltim employees as well as to improve the level of public health through benefits that can be percieved directly by recipients who fulfill the provisions of 8 asnaf. "Zakat distribution must meet the provisions of 8 asnaf. We carry out this mandate by verifying the participants or recipients so that the zakat distributed is according to the target, "said Rahmad.


Rahmad hoped that with this activity the level of public health would improve and the number of cataract-sufferers in Bontang could be reduced continuosly. Other programs and services continue to be rolled out to help people in need so that the zakat collected every month from the deduction of Pupuk Kaltim employee salaries holds benefits and touches all layers of society that fall into the categories of 8 asnaf. "This free cataract surgery has been carried out for the first time and it may be possible to conduct the next stages so that the zakat of Pupuk Kaltim employees will really benefit the community," explained Rahmad. One of the patients' families, Basri, expressed his gratitude and appreciation for the efforts made by Pupuk Kaltim to reduce the number of cataract-sufferers. He considered this activity was very helpful for the community, especially the underprivileged families, because this free cataract surgery was quite rare and it was difficult,  due to economic limitations, to obtain care and surgery such as those carried out by UPZ Pupuk Kaltim. "My parents, after suffering for so long, are finally able to get services through the surgery held by UPZ Pupuk Kaltim. On behalf of my family, I thank you,”said Basri.


Basri hoped that this program could be implemented in a sustainable manner, considering that there were still many underprivileged families who needed attention and had not been well accommodated because of the number of their limitations. (* / nav)


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