Pressing the Spread of Covid-19, Pupuk Kaltim Distributes Assistance Package of Personal Protective Equipment (APD) and Rapid Test Kits to Bontang Government

12 August 2020

Optimizing the anticipation of the spread of Covid-19, Pupuk Kaltim distributed Personal Protective Equipment (APD) and Rapid Test Kits anymore to Bontang Government for the needs of the government agencies and the society. The assistance was handed over by Pupuk Kaltim CSR Manager Fakhri Husaini, to the Mayor of Bontang Neni Moerniaeni, at Bontang Mayor's Office on Thursday (12/8).


The APD packages distributed were 5,000 cloth masks, 300 pieces face shields, 50 liters of hand sanitizer, and 500 Antibody Rapid Test packages. This assistance is a follow-up to Pupuk Kaltim's support towards Bontang Government to anticipate the spread of Covid-19 in Bontang, so services in government agencies can run optimally and the potential for the virus spreading in the society can also be maximally suppressed. "This is a continuation of Pupuk Kaltim's support to anticipate Covid-19, both for government agencies and the public society. Hopefully the collaborative efforts we are doing can suppress effectively the potential for the virus spreading in Bontang City, "said Fakhri Husaini.


Fakhri said that Pupuk Kaltim has been distributing PPE and other anticipatory needs for the society, places of worship, educational institutions, and government agencies in stages. This was also part of Pupuk Kaltim's concern so that the society was able to do their activities normally by referring to the health protocols. "Pupuk Kaltim keeps encouraging any elements to always implement the proper health protocols to suppress the potential of virus spreading in every activity," added Fakhri.


Mayor of Bontang, Neni Moerniaeni, appreciated Pupuk Kaltim's commitment to consistently assist the Government in handling and anticipating Covid-19 through its various efforts. One of them was the assistance for government agencies. This is a support for the optimal public services. She assessed that Pupuk Kaltim's contribution since the pandemic has been very beneficial for the society. She also expected that Pupuk Kaltim's contribution could be improved and sustainable. "Thank you for Pupuk Kaltim's contribution. Through the synergy and the cooperation between the company and the government of Bontang, we are optimistic that we can break the chain of spreading Covid-19, "said Neni. (* / ram / nav)


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