Pupuk Kaltim Committed to Implementing the Covid-19 Health Protocol

10 August 2020

Regarding the presence of positive patients with Covid-19 in Pupuk Kaltim as conveyed by Bontang Health Service Office on August 10, 2020, Pupuk Kaltim ensured that all patients received treatment and care that have been carried out according to health protocol standards. Likewise with the anticipation of spreading prevention, the company also carried out a massive and responsive manner.


The spokesperson for Covid-19 Crisis Team of Pupuk Kaltim, Budi Wahju Soesilo, said that the company had made and still would continue to make various efforts to deal with and prevent the spread of Covid-19 in Pupuk Kaltim. The company emphasizes 3 aspects in handling Covid-19 such as Testing, Tracing and Treatment (3T). "Everything is described in a number of steps and actions, and it must be carried out by anyone who interacts in Pupuk Kaltim, including all marketing offices in the distribution area," explained Soesilo.


The precautions for the spread of Covid-19 in Pupuk Kaltim are as follows:

  1. Performing the screening towards all employees every 3 months, medical personnel every 14 days, employees and families from outside Bontang, as well as guests / vendors / contractors from outside Bontang.
  2. Limiting the access to Pupuk Kaltim area, including the head office, plant-site, and employee housing complex.
  3. Monitoring the health of employee and family through ‘PKT SEHAT’ Application (Self HeAlth MoniToring).
  4. Checking body temperature every day before and after work.
  5. Implementing work protocols in the new normal era by adjusting the position of desks and chairs for employees in one room, limiting the number of people in one room, mapping employees based on the risk of transmission or complications, and providing vitamins as well as influenza vaccines for employees with high mobility.
  6. Increasing the capacity of Pupuk Kaltim Hospital by increasing the capacity of patient beds, personal protective equipment (APD), mobile X-rays and ventilators.


To follow up on positive cases of Covid-19 within the company, Pupuk Kaltim applies several actions as follows:

  1. Limiting access to Pupuk Kaltim area, including the head office, plant-site, and employee housing complex (PC.VI/BTN/BSD).
  2. Tracing close contact positive cases.
  3. Conducting examination with a combination of Rapid Antigen Test with PCR to pursue the target speed of isolation of suspected Covid-19.
  4. Preparing locations for isolation, quarantine and safehouse at Bintang Sintuk Hotel and Grand Equator Hotel.
  5. Sending specimens to a laboratory capable of fast and large amounts of PCR.
  6. Building a PCR laboratory at Pupuk Kaltim Hospital.
  7. Preparing a location as an emergency hospital, such as a sports hall, indoor Tennis Court, and indoor Futsal Court.
  8. Covid-19 mapping for 30 medical personnels (doctors, midwives and nurses) at Pupuk Kaltim Hospital who have direct contact with Covid-19 patients.

As a preventive effort against the spread of Covid-19, Soesilo said that Pupuk Kaltim places the employee into 4 categories, such as;

  1. Negative Antigen or PCR Category, placed in a private house or safehouse (Bintang Sintuk Hotel and Grand Equator Hotel).
  2. Symptomatic Category, placed in Estate 2000 and Wisma Seruni.
  3. Moderate Symptoms Category such as fever, cough and flu, placed in the Sports Hall, indoor Tennis Court and indoor Futsal Court.
  4. Severe Symptoms Category such as diarrhea, shortness of breath, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, heart disease, and so on, placed in Pupuk Kaltim Hospital and other Covid-19 referral hospitals.


All of these efforts represent Pupuk Kaltim's seriousness in handling and preventing the spread of Covid-19 within the Company. The company also continues to communicate and coordinate with Bontang Government through Covid-19 Task Force, the Health Office and related agencies, so that all efforts carried out are in line with Government regulations, especially for the prevention and the handling of Covid-19. "We ensure that Pupuk Kaltim will not ignore the applicable health protocol because the company also enforces a protocol that is consistently applied in the work environment," said Soesilo.


Soesilo also appealed to all of Pupuk Kaltim employees and their families, as well as Bontang society to remain calm and not to worry too much. Soesilo ensures that Pupuk Kaltim had conducted the best possible protocol and will continue to be committed to preventing the spread of Covid-19, especially within the company's scope. "Let's together prevent the spread of Covid-19 by being obedient and committed to implementing the health protocols," concluded Soesilo. (nav)


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