Pupuk Kaltim Distributes 1,000 Packages of Basic Necessities for The Orphans and Special School Students in Bontang

21 August 2020

Celebrating Islamic New Year, 1 Muharram 1442 AH, Pupuk Kaltim's Zakat Collection Unit (UPZ) held dhikr and prayers with the orphanage children and all Special Schools in Bontang on Thursday (20/8). The activity was conducted virtually and followed by participants from the Orphanage and all Special Schools (SLB) in Bontang.


Head of UPZ Pupuk Kaltim, Nur Sahid, said the Islamic New Year celebration this year was held virtually due to Covid-19 pandemic. Without diminishing the wisdom of this activity, Pupuk Kaltim involved an orphanage and all Special Schools in Bontang. "Even though it is only an online celebration, it does not diminish the wisdom of establishing the relationship between Pupuk Kaltim and the children of the orphanage and all Special Schools in Bontang," said Nur Sahid.


This activity is a manifestation of Pupuk Kaltim employees' concern for Bontang society through the distribution of zakat which is continuously carried out, so that the mandate entrusted to UPZ Pupuk Kaltim to collect and distribute the employees’ zakat can be carried out on target and provide greater benefits to the society. “Previously this activity was only carried out in one of the orphanages, but this year we try to involve all the orphanages and Special Schools in Bontang." added Nur Sahid.


Ustadz Noor Ahmad, one of the caretakers of Al Haq Orphanage, welcomed and appreciated UPZ Pupuk Kaltim for embracing the orphanages and Special Schools in Bontang on this year's Islamic New Year. He said that Pupuk Kaltim played an active role in the development of the orphanages in Bontang through the contribution and attention given so far. Moreover, for general society, Pupuk Kaltim's concerns can reach any elements of the society. Therefore, the community can increasingly feel the benefits of the company's existence. "Pupuk Kaltim also paid attention to the cleaning staff. That is a real manifestation of Pupuk Kaltim's concern by directly reaching out the society,”he explained.


Fatman Marzuki, one of the caretakers of the Darul Quro Bontang Orphanage, expected that the momentum of Islamic New Year 1442 AH celebration will be a means of increasing our faith and devotion to get through these difficult times during Covid-19 pandemic by surrendering more and more to The Almighty God. "Of course, we all pray for Pupuk Kaltim so that all levels of management and employees stay strong in encountering this pandemic. Hopefully, we will always be blessed and healthy by The Almighty God, "said Fatman Marzuki. (* / adi / nav)


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