Pupuk Kaltim Distributes the Anticipatory Needs for Covid-19 and Working Capital for the Community of Bontang

10 September 2020

To increase its commitment to Covid-19 and community empowerment, Pupuk Kaltim distributed the anticipatory needs to a number of schools around the Company as well as working capital to 43 assisted partners in East Kalimantan. The aid was symbolically handed over by President Director of Pupuk Kaltim Rahmad Pribadi, accompanied by the Board of Directors and Management of Pupuk Kaltim at the Grand Equator Hotel on Thursday morning (10/9).


CSR Manager of Pupuk Kaltim, Fakhri Husaini, said that the aid to anticipate Covid-19 for schools was targeting 1 (one) senior high school and 6 (six) junior high schools in Loktuan and Guntung villages of North Bontang. The aid consisted of 44 units of portable sinks, 10,000 pieces of cloth masks, 3,000 pieces of face shields, 15 units of thermo guns, 7 gallons of water and 20 liters of disinfectant, 10 units of sprayers and 10 bottles of hand sanitizer with a total aid of Rp. 332.5 million. Meanwhile, for working capital loans, Rp. 1.43 billion was allocated for 43 assisted partners that spread across Bontang, East Kutai and Kutai Kartanegara with various business sectors such as plantation, services, trade and fisheries. "Of the 43 partners assisted this period, 3 are from Bontang, 27 from East Kutai and 13 from Kutai Kartanegara," said Fakhri.


President Director of Pupuk Kaltim Rahmad Pribadi said that the community empowerment and the prevention of Covid-19 were the alignment of the programs executed by Pupuk Kaltim in dealing with various impacts arising during the pandemic. For example, PPE needs such as masks, face shields, hazmat suits and portable sinks, are the products of Assisted Partners of Pupuk Kaltim empowered in order to meet the anticipatory needs for the Covid-19 spread in the community. "It means, besides ongoing efforts to anticipate and control Covid-19, the economy of the community is supported during the pandemic. This program is still running until now, "said Rahmad.


Furthermore, Rahmad explained that all the aids distributed was a form of Pupuk Kaltim’s commitment and concern for the community, especially in supporting the optimization of education and business sectors affected by Covid-19. Through this assistance, schools of aid recipients were expected to be able to appropriately apply health protocols throughout their activities, and the assisted partners acted as entrepreneurs were expected to able to reactivate the economic sectors in their respective fields so that the economy could move into a growth phase. "Pupuk Kaltim has always been concerned with all sectors of life. This assistance is one of the benefits over the existence of Pupuk Kaltim to the society in the midst of Covid-19 outbreak, "said Rahmad.


Representing the City Government of Bontang, Head of Loktuan Village M. Takwin appreciated and expressed his gratitude for the contribution of Pupuk Kaltim to actively assist the community during the pandemic period throughout various programs implemented. Anticipatory assistance for Covid-19 for schools as well as business capital for assisted partners are important in overcoming the impact of Covid-19 so that the implementation of health protocols in schools as well as the development of small and medium enterprises can run optimally through active synergy between the City Government and Pupuk Kaltim. "We hope that the cooperation and synergy established between the Government and Pupuk Kaltim will run continuously so that the development goals in promoting the welfare of the community are achieved and the steps taken to overcome Covid-19 can be more optimal," said Takwin. (* / navra)


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