Pupuk Kaltim Facilitates Rapid Test for the Soldiers of Den Arhanud Rudal 002 Bontang

22 August 2020

Supporting the performance of the National Armed Forces of Indonesia (TNI) and preventing the spread of Covid-19, Pupuk Kaltim facilitated the rapid test of 170 soldiers of Den Arhanud Rudal 002 Bontang, on Saturday (22/8) morning. This activity is a manifestation of synergy between Pupuk Kaltim and TNI in suppressing the spread of Covid-19 in Bontang.


Superintendent of Regional Development of Pupuk Kaltim CSR Department, Agus Hermanto, said that the health of soldiers of Den Arhanud Rudal 002 Bontang could be identified from the potential for Covid-19 with this rapid test. If reactive soldiers were found, they would be immediately followed up for an optimal handling and spread prevention. "If the rapid test results show that there are soldiers who are reactive, Den Arhanud Rudal 002 Bontang will be ready to take the further action," said Agus.


According to Agus, the rapid test is a follow-up effort conducted by Pupuk Kaltim for the soldiers after various needs for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and prevention such as disinfectants, hand sanitizers and other devices had also been distributed since the beginning of the pandemic in Bontang. From a series of efforts made, it was expected that the spread of Covid-19 can be maximally suppressed. "Pupuk Kaltim has a social responsibility to the society and other stakeholders in preventing Covid-19. Pupuk Kaltim will try to help as much as possible according to budget availability. Therefore, if there are parties who need assistance in anticipating or handling Covid-19, Pupuk Kaltim will try its best to facilitate it, "added Agus.


Deputy Commander of Den Arhanud Rudal 002 Bontang, Captain Arh. Suhendra Prabowo, appreciated Pupuk Kaltim's support for the soldiers through the rapid tests that were carried out. He said that this activity was in line with the instructions of the Commander of the National Armed Forces of Indonesia (TNI) for Covid-19 prevention actions towards the soldiers, so that they could carry out their duties more optimally. "Thank you for the support of Pupuk Kaltim which facilitates the rapid tests towards the soldiers of Den Arhanud Rudal 002 Bontang as the first step in checking the soldiers’ health from potential exposure to Covid-19," said Suhendra.


To see the conditions of Bontang which was now a local transmission, Suhendra considered that it was very important to take a preventive action in order to reduce the potential for the spread of the virus at least inside the area of ​​Den Arhanud Bontang 002 Bontang. Likewise, if reactive test results were found, immediate action could be taken to prevent further transmission. "Our hope is that all soldiers will be free from the exposure and the potential for Covid-19 to prevent the spread of transmission to the society," Suhendra expected. (* / ram / nav)


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