Pupuk Kaltim Helps Anticipating Needs of Covid-19 in West Bontang District and Regional Libraries

07 August 2020

Pupuk Kaltim continues to carry out efforts to prevent Covid-19 by allocating assistance for Personal Protective Equipment (APD) and other anticipatory needs in phases. Currently, Pupuk Kaltim provides assistance to 2 agencies; they are West Bontang District Office and Bontang Regional Library and Archives Office. The handover of Personal Protective Equipment (APD) assistance was carried out symbolically at Grand Equator Hotel on Friday (7/8). For West Bontang District Office, Pupuk Kaltim distributed 3 units of acrylic partitions, a portable sink complete with a reservoir and hand washing soap, 10 units of face shields, a thermogun unit, and a 5 liter hand sanitizer. Meanwhile, for Bontang Regional Library, 100 pcs of cloth masks, one thermogun unit, 3 face shields and 5 liters of hand sanitizer were also distributed.


Superintendent for Regional Development of Pupuk Kaltim CSR Department, Agus Hermanto, said that all assistance provided by Pupuk Kaltim since the pandemic until now is a form of the Company's seriousness in handling Covid-19 in Bontang. Through the contributions made, it is expected that the spread of Covid-19 will be increasingly suppressed and the public will always take care of themselves through the implementation of proper health protocols. "Pupuk Kaltim continues to make maximum efforts in suppressing the potential for the spread of Covid-19 in the community through distributed assistance. This is one of the company's focuses, "said Agus. Likewise, the assistance to government agencies is a special concern of Pupuk Kaltim, so that the services provided to the community continue to run optimally. "Government agencies have become one of the targets for the assistance distribution to anticipate Covid-19," added Agus.


The Head of West Bontang Sub-district, Mathen Minggu, expressed his gratitude for Pupuk Kaltim's assistance towards their agency. The assistance is very much needed to optimize their services to the community in West Bontang Sub-District. Moreover, their agency interacts intensely with the community for various affairs everyday; therefore, anticipatory equipment is one of the important things that must be fulfilled. The assistance from Pupuk Kaltim is an acrylic partition to limit the distance between employees and the community according to the health protocol reference, including a portable sink to be installed in front of the Sub-District office as a facility for guests and the community who visit the office. "This assistance is in accordance with our submission to Pupuk Kaltim and all of them have been approved. Thank you for Pupuk Kaltim's support for the optimization of services at the West Bontang Sub-District office, "said Marthen.


Head of the Bontang Regional Library and Archives Service, Retno Febriaryanti, also appreciated Pupuk Kaltim's support for the optimization of community services by Bontang Government, through the assistance that is periodically distributed to the various government agencies.

Retno said that this is very helpful for his party to anticipate the spread of Covid-19 in regional libraries, so that their services comply with the health protocols. "All current activities are aimed more at preventive action, so that the spread of the virus can be kept down. The assistance from Pupuk Kaltim really supports it, especially for services at the Bontang Library,”explained Retno. She expected that the synergy and cooperation between the Bontang Government and Pupuk Kaltim can continue to be improved, so that the company's contribution can be increasingly felt by the community. "Pupuk Kaltim has contributed a lot to the society. Hopefully this will be improved continously, including cooperation and synergy with the Bontang Government, "said Retno. (* / ram / nav)


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