Rahmad Pribadi: Ahead of the Planting Season, Pupuk Kaltim Prepares Non-Subsidized Products

30 August 2020

Anticipating the scarcity of fertilizers and at the same time meeting the needs of farmers prior to the planting season, Pupuk Kaltim prepares non-subsidized Urea fertilizers with the brand of Daun Buah in every official distributor and kiosk throughout the Company's distribution area. The availability of non-subsidized fertilizers supply is carried out to keep the planting period running smoothly, considering that Pupuk Kaltim distributed 2,28,398 tons of subsidized urea or 98% of 233,691 tons allocated as of August 28, 2020. Non-subsidized fertilizers are an alternative for farmers to meet the needs of fertilizers during the planting season.


President Director of Pupuk Kaltim Rahmad Pribadi explained that for the 2020 planting season, in addition to distributing subsidized Urea, Pupuk Kaltim also prepared non-subsidized Urea which can be obtained as needed. This means that farmers do not have to refer to the E-RDKK regulations as applied to subsidized fertilizers, so that it can be accessed independently with the desired amount according to land needs. "Farmers who have not yet entered the E-RDKK, they can still get fertilizers from non-subsidized products according to the needs of land fertilization," said Rahmad.


According to Rahmad, the content and elements of non-subsidized products are not inferior to subsidized Urea with more efficient use as well. The nitrogen content of non-subsidized urea is very suitable to help accelerate the growth of plants as well as make the leaves fresher, more green and lush. Also, in terms of quality, Daun Buah urea fertilizer has international standards and is SNI-certified. Even this product has been exported overseas. "So farmers should not worry about the non-subsidized Urea of Pupuk Kaltim because the quality is very good," added Rahmad.


Pupuk Kaltim prepares a minimum of 500 kg of Daun Buah urea and 500 kg of non-subsidized NPK Pelangi fertilizer at each kiosk so that it is easier for the community to get the fertilizer as needed and meet the balanced fertilization needed by farmers. This product has been tested on several commodities in various regions in Indonesia through a demonstration plot (Demplot) of Pupuk Kaltim’s balanced fertilization patterns. "We hope that the availability of Daun Buah Urea fertilizer will help meet the needs for fertilizers during the planting season," said Rahmad. For farmers who need assistance for balanced fertilization patterns, Pupuk Kaltim has reliable field officers in each district who are ready to provide instructions and inputs regarding the appropriate use of fertilizers. “Because one of the factors for increasing productivity is not only the use of fertilizers, but also the method of land management and seed selection as well as the time pattern of applying the right pesticides. A number of factors affecting the productivity of plants also demands that farmers understand these matters.” said Rahmad (nav)


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