Rahmad Pribadi : Pupuk Kaltim Hospital Operates PCR Biomolecular Laboratory to Improve the Handling of Covid-19 in Bontang

08 September 2020

Bontang currently has a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Biomolecular laboratory unit for Covid-19 swab analysis at Pupuk Kaltim Hospital. It was inaugurated by President Director of Pupuk Kaltim Rahmad Pribadi together with the Regional Secretary of Bontang City Aji Erlynawati and President Director of Pupuk Kaltim Hospital Group dr. Nurul Fathoni on Tuesday morning (8/9).


This laboratory has a safety standard of Bio Security Level (BSL) 2 with the effectiveness and capability to analyze 95-180 samples per day, supported by an automatic extractor that is able to process samples more quickly and accurately. "With the capabilities of the tools, the actual time of waiting the analysis results can be reduced so that tracing can be done easier and faster. Thus preventive measures taken to prevent the spread of Covid-19 can be carried out more effectively," said Rahmad Pribadi.


According to Rahmad, the construction of the PCR Lab is a contribution of Pupuk Kaltim in assisting the Government to cope with Covid-19 outbreak, both for the analysis of potential spread of the virus in the Company's environment and in the community of Bontang. This effort is part of the three policies established by Pupuk Kaltim in handling Covid-19, namely Data Transparency for preventive and curative actions, Intensive Tracing to find out the history of patients and employees activities in general, and Massive Testing to ensure the health of employees from potential virus exposure. "With very sophisticated devices, it will not only help Pupuk Kaltim, but also contribute actively to the community in assisting the City Government of Bontang to cope with Covid-19," added Rahmad.


Rahmad hoped that with the existence of a PCR laboratory at Pupuk Kaltim Hospital, sample analysis to ensure the potential exposure of Covid-19 would soon be intensively carried out and prevention efforts could be followed up more quickly, both on policies by the Government and immediate actions taken in the community. "The laboratory has currently been able to function and utilize optimally for the benefit of the community. Hopefully what we have done will immediately break the Covid-19 spread in Bontang, "said Rahmad.


President Director of Pupuk Kaltim Hospital, Nurul Fathoni appreciated the contribution of Pupuk Kaltim in the prevention and anticipation of Covid-19 by providing with various help to improve the hospital capacity up to the construction of the PCR Lab. He said that the existence of the PCR Lab was one of the efforts to establish diagnosis through devices to ensure whether or not someone was exposed to Covid-19. Since the sample test through the rapid test or antigen swab still conveys potential possibilities, further testing through PCR for 100% accurate health level is still required. “This laboratory is part of our efforts as the front guard in breaking the spread and suppressing various problems caused by Covid-19. This laboratory can be considered as part of the Company's contribution to humanitarian mission and public health as well as the ultimate security guard against Covid-19 in the environment of the Company and Bontang City, ”explained Nurul Fathoni.


Regional Secretary of Bontang City, Aji Erlynawati, also expressed her gratitude for the contribution of Pupuk Kaltim through the construction of the PCR Lab which is currently being used by Pupuk Kaltim Hospital. According to her, this was a pride for Bontang City to have a PCR Lab so that the swab analysis could be carried out faster. "Thank you to Pupuk Kaltim for supporting the Government and society in handling Covid-19 through various programs and assistance implemented. Hopefully, with this PCR Lab and community discipline in implementing health protocols, Bontang is immediately freed from Covid-19, "said Aji Erlynawati.

On that occasion, Pupuk Kaltim also distributed the aid in the form of 500 pieces of hazmat suits for the medical fighters of Pupuk Kaltim Hospital in the amount of IDR 60 million as well as extra food for the Covid-19 medical team of Bontang City as much as IDR 195.5 million. Such aid was symbolically handed over by Rahmad Pribadi to Aji Erlynawati and Nurul Fathoni. (* / navra)


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