Supporting the Improvement of Local Human Resources, Pupuk Kaltim Builds Learning Facilities for the Assisted LPK (Training and Competency Institute)

27 July 2020

To support the increasing of the capacity of competitive human resources in Bontang, Pupuk Kaltim has built training support facility such as a study room at LKP Suvi Training, which is one of the company-assisted LPKs as well as the company's partner. The study room with a wider capacity was inaugurated by CSR Manager of Pupuk Kaltim, Fakhri Husaini, together with the Mayor of Bontang, Neni Moerniaeni, on Friday (24/7).


Fakhri Husaini explained that the construction of a study room for training facilities at LKP Suvi Training is a form of Pupuk Kaltim's commitment to developing local human resources, both in soft skills and hard skills. This is due to the fact that the previous learning space was very limited, so that the training participants who joined this assisted LPK had to take turns in using the study room for gaining knowledge, "With a wider learning space, the training participants are well accommodated, so that knowledge transfer can be carried out more optimally," said Fakhri.


Besides that study room, Pupuk Kaltim also inaugurated “Galeri Mitra" (Partners’ Gallery) for products display and promotion of its fostered partners at that location with a total development budget of IDR 100 millions. Fakhri hopes that the development of learning facilities as well as partners’ gallery in LKP Suvi Training will be able to improve the competitiveness of Bontang's products and human resources through a variety of skills mastered.


Moreover, Pupuk Kaltim together with all the assisted LPKs have regularly held various trainings and competency tests for Bontang society in various sectors, so that their abilities are able to be well absorbed in the job market and increase opportunities through independent businesses. "Today we also place 30 apprentices who have been trained in Suvi Training. They will be assigned to 7 companies in Bontang. This is a good opportunity for local human resources to increase their capacity by directly engaging in the working world,”explained Fakhri.


The Mayor of Bontang, Neni Moerniaeni, highly appreciates Pupuk Kaltim's role in developing local human resources through active collaboration and synergy with the Regional Government, as well as LPK and similar training institutions in Bontang, which have been contributing to various trainings facilitated by the company. "Congratulations on the new Suvi Training building and thanks to Pupuk Kaltim for helping its construction. Now the trainees can learn comfortably, "said Neni.


She hopes that Pupuk Kaltim's support through the construction of a learning building for LKP Suvi Training will further boost the capacity of local human resources. Considering that Bontang as the only region that has a downstream industry such as a Crude Palm Oil (CPO) factory in East Kalimantan, we should have a competent workforce in this field.

This is also an encouragement for Bontang Government to further intensify the role of LPK in training the abilities of local residents, so that they have skills and expertise that are not inferior to those from outside the region. "Through the participation of LPK, we can prepare prospective workers required by companies in Bontang, and more local workers are absorbed," concluded Neni. (* / ram / nav)


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