Through Webinars, Pupuk Kaltim Encourages the Entire Employees and Their Families to Stay Excellence in the Midst of the Pandemic

21 August 2020

In order to provide enthusiasm and support for employees and their families in facing Covid-19 pandemic, Pupuk Kaltim held a Web Seminar (Webinar) with the theme "Becoming an Excellent Person in the Midst of a Pandemic" presented by KH. Abdullah Gymnastiar or popularly known as Aa Gym, on Friday (21/8) afternoon. That webinar was attended by approximately 800 participants from all employees as well as their families as an encouragement to be able to stay strong, stay united, and stay supporting each other in encountering this pandemic.


Acting Tasks (Plt) Managing Director of Pupuk Kaltim, Meizar Effendi, expected that all employees and their families always stayed strong and would not give up in encountering Covid-19 pandemic. He said that this was a test that should be encountered patiently and without giving up, so that Pupuk Kaltim’s family could become strong personalities. "We must not give up on this situation and have to be a tough person to stay excellent and be a winner in encountering this pandemic," said Meizar.


Meizar also conveyed his appreciation to all employees and their families for continuing to work in the midst of the pandemic in order to keep the smooth performance and productivity of the company. Meizar prayed for the employees and their families who are currently undergoing Covid-19 treatment to be immediately recovered and be able to do their normal activities again. "Let's maintain the condition of the company because what we need now is mutual support and encouragement," added Meizar.


In his sermon, Aa Gym said that humans were basically born excellent and designed to be the best of all living things. Excellence was something that was absolutely owned by humans based on their respective capacities. According to him, self-excellence is usually owned by humans with self-accelerating characters, which means someone who has wise behavior in making the best possible choice. "One of the behaviors is to determine whether he will be able to excel or not," said Aa Gym. The sermon which lasted for about 50 minutes, ended with a question and answer session for the participants who seemed enthusiastic in participating whole series of the activities. (* / adi / nav)


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