Towards Independence and Welfare of Fishermen of Bontang, President Director of Pupuk Kaltim Optimizes the Development of Coastal Areas

14 September 2020

Optimizing the development of the Company's CSR, President Director of Pupuk Kaltim Rahmad Pribadi visited 2 assisted locations at the coastal areas of Bontang, namely the Better Living in Malahing Program in the water settlements of Malahing, South Bontang District, and Creating Shared Value (CSV) of Floating Net Cages (KJA) in the waters of Tanjung Limau on 9 September 2020.


Within Better Living in Malahing program, various empowerment and coaching programs that have been carried out by Pupuk Kaltim since 2016 attracted Rahmad Pribadi’s attention, starting from the management of green area, degree of community health, children's education, empowerment of housewives, cage cultivation, marine potential management until the stages towards ecotourism. According to him, Malahing as one of the coastal areas of Bontang had considerable potential to be developed, both for the improvement of the fishermen welfare and tourism sector.


This is what underlies the coaching of Pupuk Kaltim so that the Malahing people do not depend only on fishing activities, but also are able to explore various potentials from the management and processing of marine resources. "In fact, Malahing is an area that is quite unique and has the potential to be developed. Therefore Pupuk Kaltim is present to carry out the coaching without changing the established culture," said Rahmad Pribadi.


Four years of assistance, the people of Malahing currently have been able to develop various sectors such as the cultivation of sea cucumbers and seaweeds, health and beauty products, processed seafood as well as making printed batik with 3 patterns, including greener settlements that are developed through hydroponic skills, the use of communal lavatories, and the improvement of the society health and education. "The independence of society can be achieved without imposing a new culture, and that is what Pupuk Kaltim does by developing the existing potentials," added Rahmad.


The same thing with the CSV management of the floating net cages (KJA). It can encourage fishermen’s independence through the cultivation sector of lobsters and groupers. The assisted fishermen who are currently joining the Bontang Economic Tourism and Maritime (BEM) Cooperative have succeeded in replicating the program in two new areas, namely Gusung and Bontang Kuala waters, reaching 1.5 tons per harvest. Moreover, the selling value of lobsters and groupers is often said to be of very high, not only in Indonesia, but also in the world. This potency, according to Rahmad, should continue to be developed in order to significantly promote the welfare and independence of the assisted fishermen. "The results are visible, both the quality of production and processing are not inferior to other lobster centers. This program will continue to be replicated so that the welfare of Bontang fishermen will improve continuously,” concluded Rahmad Pribadi. (* / navra)


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