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OSH Management System

As a manufacturing company and part of PT Pupuk Indonesia (Persero) subsidiaries, Pupuk Kaltim produces and markets various chemical-based products such as Ammonia, Urea, NPK Fertilizer to both international and domestic market segment with potential risks. Therefore, health and safety have become Pupuk Kaltim’s main priority. To establish a safe working place, efficient and productive, Pupuk Kaltim specifically arranged and assigned Occupational Safety and Health Management System in most of the activities.


The OSH Management System implementation is initiated with the assignment of the policy, planning, and implementation according to K3. Furthermore, the monitoring and evaluation of K3 performance are carried out by competent human resources, which later the results will be reviewed to conduct SMK3 improvement and performance enhancement.


To nurture K3 to Company's employee, relatives and surrounding communities and the city of Bontang, Pupuk Kaltim conducts K3 socialization and education programs on regular basis, the program is realized in cross country agenda, K3 socialization in schools, emergency state countermeasure socialization to bufferzone society, HIV-AIDS socialization for the employee, students and bufferzone society, fire and rescue contest (for employee, villages, and between Joint Venture Companies and contractor, blood donor, K3 video contest, K3 quiz for students arranged in Bulan K3 Nasional Pupuk Kaltim Event. Moreover, Pupuk Kaltim has implemented the emergency response industrial disaster in the company and to the city of Bontang every year. It is a fulfillment of the Company's commitment to applying SMK3.

In addition to SMK3 certification based by PP No 5 Tahun 2012, Pupuk Kaltim has been certified with ISO 45001:2018, an approval that the Company has applied SMK3 under both national and international standards. Various awards in K3 field had been achieved by Pupuk Kaltim on a national and international level, which are:


  1. Product Steward Excellence Certification (International Fertilizer Association, 2017)
  2. Responsible Care Gold Award (Responsible Care Indonesia, 2017)
  3. Zero Accident Award (Provincial Government of East Kalimantan, 2018)
  4. Zero Accident Award (Indonesian Ministry of Manpower, 2018)
  5. IFA SHE Excellence Gold Medal (International Fertilizer Association, 2018)
  6. Zero Accident Award (Provincial Government of East Kalimantan, 2019)
  7. Zero Accident Award (Indonesian Ministry of Manpower, 2019)
  8. HIV and AIDS Prevention Program in Work Place Award, Platinum Category (Provincial Government of East Kalimantan, 2019)
  9. HIV and AIDS Prevention Program in Work Place Award, Platinum Category (Indonesian Ministry of Manpower, 2019)
  10. International Safety Award with Pass (British Safety Council,2019)

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Prevention of the Abuse and Circulation of Drugs, Psychotropic, and other Addictive Substances Policy in Pupuk Kaltim environment.


HIV and AIDS Prevention in working place policy.


Occupational Health and Safety Program

Pupuk Kaltim consistently give precedence to OSH principles in all aspect of activities. To emphasize OSH culture in Pupuk Kaltim, aside from the establishment of OSH Task Force Department, there are other teams recruited fro all work units which are: Group Team of Fire Prevention, P2K3, First Aid Team, Evacuation team, SAR Team, and Safety Representatives Officers as work unit representatives.


OSH Constructor Committee

Following the Regulation No. 1 Tahun 1970 on OSH and the regulation of the Ministry of Manpower, the P2K3 was formed with 60 members consists of management and employee representatives. For each month the P2K3 held an annual meeting attended by all P2K3 members and labor union representatives.


Safety Representatives

To support OSH tasks in the work unit, Pupuk Kaltim also formed Safety Representatives officers which consist of 155 members as work unit representatives.


Gugus Penanggulangan Kebakaran (Gupenkar) / Fire Prevention Team

Pupuk Kaltim formed the Gupenkar (Fire Prevention Team) which is a skilled force assisting Fire Fighters task force in Fire Prevention, recruited from work units with a total of 80 members. The Gupenkar members are allocated in four groups based on the easiness in coordinating specifically for those who work in shift.


Bulan K3 / OSH Month

Every year, the Company held Bulan K3 (OSH Month) event following the Decree of the Minister of Manpower and Transmigration, Kep-372/MEN/XI/2009 regarding the National OSH Month Implementation Guideline year 2010 – 2014. The event includes Fire Fighting Contest, OSH Poster, OSH Cross Country contest, and OSH seminar about heart health and Behaviour Base Safety.


Latihan Tanggap Darurat / Emergency Response Drill

Pupuk Kaltim always held an Emergency Response Drill in the plant environment and surroundings. Besides a routine requirement for the Company and its employee, the drill is also a part of the Company's responsibility towards the society around the factory and as a socialization media and practices to preparing for emergency conditions.


Program Kesehatan Managed Care / Managed Care Health Program

To monitor the health condition, Pupuk Kaltim employee must undergo Periodically Heath Check (CKB) once a year corresponding with the Company's regulation, besides, Pupuk Kaltim also applied managed care program which includes preventive, promotive, and rehabilitative.

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