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Business Profile




Processing certain raw materials into basic materials needed for the production of fertilizers, petrochemicals, agrochemicals, agroindustries, and other chemicals. In addition to the production of fertilizer and Ammonia products, Pupuk Kaltim also produces plant utilities, such as steam, electricity, and demineralized water to meet the Company's industrial needs. Pupuk Kaltim has a specific plan to expand its business in the field of methanol processing. This is marked with a blueprint for a new processing unit and industrial land preparation in Pupuk Kaltim industrial area.



Running the distribution and trading of urea, ammonia, fertilizer products, petrochemicals, agrochemicals, agroindustries, and chemicals both domestically and internationally including imports of raw materials, supporting materials, fertilizer production equipment, and chemicals. In addition, to ensure and guarantee the industrial cycle of goods production for consumers, Pupuk Kaltim runs pre-marketing activities in all marketing lines. Corporately, this policy makes trading of raw materials for fertilizers a part of corporate business activities.



In the service sector, Pupuk Kaltim does research and development consisting of the development of products, technology to plant maintenance services. The research on product development enables Pupuk Kaltim to develop new products that will be marketed through the retail market. In the field of plant maintenance services, Pupuk Kaltim continues to take part through the sale of services and equipment. The focus of Pupuk Kaltim's services business has grown with the implementation of precipalm, which is the management of smart farming solutions to improve agricultural efficiency and land productivity.



2015 : Pengoperasian Pabrik 5
2015 : Pembangunan Gudang Batubara
2016 : Pembangunan Rail Mounted Harbour Crane di Dermaga-4 (Tursina)
2017: Pembangunan Urea Bulk Storage(UBS) VI
2018-2020: Proyek Pembangunan Pabrik Kelapa Sawit.
2020-2021: Pembangunan Gudang Bahan Baku Curah NPK
2020-2022: Proyek Pembangunan Pabrik Ammonium Nitrat
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