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GCG at a Glance

Good Corporate Governance (GCG) is a company management system that reflects the synergistic relationship between management and shareholders, creditors, governments, suppliers and other stakeholders. The implementation of GCG in a Company is significant to ensure the Company’s sustainability and support the development of a healthy business environment and adding value to all stakeholders. By applying GCG principles, a Company can survive and remains tough in overcoming intense business competition. GCG is expected to be a better means to achieve Vision, Mission and Corporate Objectives.

GCG Principles, which consist of Transparency, Accountability, Responsibility, Independence and Justice must be implemented thoroughly and consistently and become the soul and spirit of every Insan Pupuk Kaltim. As a result, GCG will provide protection for stakeholders and ultimately GCG will help create a conducive environment for sustainable business growth.

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